Factory Recommended Maintenance

A well maintained vehicle is more dependable, has lower operating costs and will last longer. That is why the manufacturer creates detailed maintenance schedules outlining specific operations to be performed on various components and systems. Did you know that this scheduled maintenance does not need to be performed by a new car dealership? We can take care of that! OUR SERVICES MEET NEW VEHICLE WARRANTY REQUIREMENTS.

Scheduled Maintenance Services

Using factory recommended parts.

General Maintenance

Tune ups and oil changes are the most important services to help guarantee long and trouble free engine life.

  • Lube, Oil and Filter Change
  • Tune Ups

Engine Service

Engine Service Maintenance

Fuel System Services & Maintenance

Fuel System Services & Maintenance

Muffler & Exhaust System

Muffler & Exhaust System Repair

Brake Systems

Vehicle brakes are an important and reliable tool for driver safety and are an essential element of any vehicle. Our certified technicians will assess your brake system and advise you when parts need to be replaced so your vehicle can have the stopping force you need.

  • Lifetime brake guarantee
  • Trouble-free operation
  • Free brake inspection with any purchase

Steering & Suspension

Worn steering and suspension parts are often the most over looked components of a vehicle. Periodic and proper inspection is necessary to prevent premature wear of tires and unsafe conditions.

  • Alignments
  • Shocks and Struts

Heating and A/C Repair

Trust our technicians to keep your systems in working order and provide you comfort on the road.

Electrical Services & Wiring

Modern vehicles are loaded with electrical gadgets and features. That is why it is important to have equipment like the battery, the charging system and other electronic devices inspected regularly.

Emission Testing Repairs

We are an EPA Recognized Repair Center. Our technicians are trained, experienced and equipped to repair emissions-related failures. We are consistently rated 100% in effective repairs.

Diagnostic Testing

Our state of the art scan tools and diagnostic equipment will provide you with accurate information.

  • Check Engine Light Service
  • ABS Light Service
  • Computer Diagnostics

RV Service

The most important thing you can do to protect your investment is proper and regular maintenance. Let us help you focus on the most important goal… fun on the road!

Pre-Owned Vehicle Purchase Digital Inspections

Our thorough and unbiased information will help you make this important buying decision and most likely save you money! Let us inspect it before you buy!

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