We all know we need to maintain our vehicles, but do you know what maintenance is recommended by car companies? And how often should each type of service be performed?

Check Alignment Every 2 years 
Check Brakes  Every 8,000 miles 
Rotate Tires  Every 8,000 miles 
Clean Fuel System  Every 50,000 miles 
Change Resistor Plugs  Every 30,000 miles
Change Platinum Plugs  Every 100,000 miles 
Change Fluids  Every 100,000 miles 
Change Timing Belt  As required 
Service your 4×4 Differential or Transfer Case  Every 30,000 miles

See, our theory is that if we help you maintain your vehicle in an honest, professional manner, you’ll come back to us. You may even recommend us to a friend or family member. We make customers for life!